Local Projects

What are local projects?

Local projects are structured, multi-stage projects initiated by A Rocha Ambassadors who are rooted in the Christian faith in order to work for the environment where they live.

They can be carried out in collaboration with other groups or associations and are fairly substantial.  

Examples of local projects

Cyrille helps a team to build an aromatic spiral

Cyrille is moved by issues of creative care and wants to take action. As an A Rocha ambassador, he contacts churches and takes part in the actions of his local group, but he would like to go further. He is passionate about permaculture! Cyrille loves sharing his passion and communicating it, so he decided to launch a micro-farm project, starting by organising permaculture gardening workshops. His aim? To encourage the development of micro-farms in urban and peri-urban areas. For more information, contact him via A Rocha Toulouse (toulouse@arocha.org).

Taking part in the “Look up!” climate march 

Manon is on civic service with A Rocha and is buzzing with excitement ahead of the elections! The scientific reports and her faith have convinced her that now is the time to make the voice of Creation heard, as it sighs and suffers so much. She has decided to organise a series of events in her city to raise awareness of the issues among Christians, and is leading a group to help organise the “Don’t Look up!” climate march in Toulouse. For more information, you can contact her via A Rocha Toulouse (toulouse@arocha.org). 

How is a local group different to a project?

Local groups are effectively projects on a local scale. The main difference between them and local projects is that they are above all representative of a group of people and their duration is not fixed. Its members may carry out several local projects, but they may also choose simply to spend some quality time together or respond to requests from neighbouring churches on the issue of ecology.

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Would you like to propose an initiative?

If you  would like to propose an initiative with the Ambassadors Network, we encourage you to pray for this project and then contact Yoanna, the Ambassadors Network coordinator, to help you set it up.