Become an ambassador

What is a typical ambassador?

An A Rocha ambassador wants to :


  • Act in a useful way, supporting a cause that is close to their heart

  • Be part of an action network (for relationships, sharing, and fighting eco-anxiety)

  • Get training (in ecotheology and other subjects) and pass it on

  • Be identified as a resource person in a church or location

  • Contribute to making the Gospel known

  • Work as part of a team/group to address these issues over the long term

What are the tasks?

There are several possibilities, depending on the particular ambassador, including:

Ambassador in training

Ambassadors take the time to learn more and to think about an initiative in which they would like to get involved. They can already contribute to communication initiatives (such as distributing flyers, sharing on social networks, etc.) or support the running of the network according to their specific skills.

Ambassador on a mission

They can be involved in several areas: 


Speaking at churches or Christian gatherings to raise awareness of A Rocha’s actions and bring a Christian perspective to contemporary ecological issues.

Local group

Create and lead a local group for reflection and/or action on faith and ecology.

Personal initiative

Propose actions that correspond to a call or specific skills: raising awareness through art, training, blogging, etc.

Become an Ambassador in 3 steps


  1. Support the values of the association

  2. Meet an A Rocha leader (face-to-face or remotely)

  3. Be recommended by a church leader

Actions and resources for training:

  • Networking with other A Rocha Ambassadors
  • Monthly webinars to explore themes related to faith and ecology (replay on the A Rocha France YouTube channel)
  • Annual seminars at the Domaine des Courmettes or in the regions
  • Access to useful resources to help you in your presentations

If you’re interested, please fill in the form “I’m interested in the network” or click on the button below to tell us about your interest, or contact the Network Coordinator to ask any questions you may have! 

Still undecided?


You’re interested, you’d like to learn more but you don’t have the time, or perhaps you’re intimidated by the role of Ambassador? Don’t worry: the network is there for you too. Training courses, conferences, camps, sharing… take advantage of all the activities organised by the network without having to make a commitment. 

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