Local Groups

What are "local groups"?

Local groups are gatherings of Christians on a local scale (town, city, etc.) who want to reflect, act and pray together on subjects combining Christian faith and environmental protection.

Led by A Rocha Ambassadors, they enable their members to benefit from A Rocha’s perspective, experience and resources to help them learn, adapt their lifestyles, and raise awareness to mobilise those around them.

Here are a few examples of what the local groups are doing

  • Organising talks together in the town’s churches,
  • Meeting, sharing and praying on specific topics (such as food resilience in our region, eco-anxiety, etc). Other ideas for themes can be found on our Youtube channel.
  • Creating or taking part in a shared garden project
  • Reading a book on these subjects, moving forward and sharing regularly in small groups,
  • Organising prayer walks in nature
  • Taking part in a climate march
  • Planning an inter-church event on the theme of “faith and ecology”.

There’s no shortage of ideas, and each local group’s approach is specific to its area and its members!

Would you like to join a local group?

Congratulations! Here are the local groups that are currently active. Don’t hesitate to contact the ones that correspond to your location:

A Rocha Amiens

A Rocha Annecy

A Rocha Arles

A Rocha Brussels / Belgium or “Germoir A Rocha

A Rocha Côtes d’Armor

A Rocha Grenoble

A Rocha Lille

A Rocha Lyon

A Rocha Marseille

A Rocha Montpellier

A Rocha Paris

A Rocha Sophia-Antipolis (currently being launched)

A Rocha Strasbourg 

A Rocha Toulouse or “ART

Would you like to create a local group?

Congratulations too!

To do so, you’ll need to be an official A Rocha Ambassador.

You’ll then be able to talk to Sarah, who’s in charge of the various local groups, to help you define your project together and make it a reality!

So what are you waiting for? 😉


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