Management of natural spaces

As environmental protection becomes a societal concern, many landowners, farmers and others wish to put the principles of ecology into practice at home. A Rocha intends to support these initiatives favorable to biodiversity. We therefore support the environmental initiatives of other owners and farmers through the following services:

  • Natural heritage assessment
  • Ecological diagnosis of activities
  • Ecological planning advice
  • Dissemination of environmental information
  • Introduction-discovery to biological riches
  • Ecological restoration projects

These initiatives/actions are expressed in the form of different projects carried out with the stakeholders/owners present in the two sectors where A Rocha is located (Baux valley and Courmettes area):

  • Baux Valley
  • Co-management of the Ilon Regional Nature Reserve
  • Implementation of the management plan for the Etroit marsh
  • Private land management
  • Domaine des Courmettes
  • Restoration of grazed limestone meadows
  • Mediterranean Climate Change Impact Monitoring Project
  • Simple forest management plan
  • Restoration and maintenance of high-altitude wetlands